Advertising your business

Dear Diary,

Advertising is not for the faint of heart. i have to make that money!!

~The backend


My last few posts were talking about places not to sell.

I will say this that I do have my actual website that I created on some of these platforms. I will not say the name. I will not mention which platforms. However, it is set up as a way to have people come to my actual site. In that process I have made sure not to do anything that will cause issues as far as being able to just get people to come to my site. There isn’t anything showing bodies. There’s no posting anything that I know it is against the rules to be able to advertise my business. You have to keep that in mind. As I have said before, there are ways for you to be able to set up your platforms to do what you want to do. There are rules for a reason and you have to understand on the back end, where we don’t see all the hard work that goes into these platforms.

They are trying to protect their businesses and platforms too. So people are thinking oh, well, you know, “they just don’t want us to make money. They don’t want us to live.” Yeah, you know, in some cases, that is the case with certain organizations and things of that nature. Yet, there have to be an understanding that they have people that they have to answer to as well. If they are allowing certain things or allowing certain businesses practices to take place on their platform, then they have to answer to those higher powers that may be as well. I speak this from experience as an owner of my own businesses, and an owner of my own platform.

People do not get to see all the back end of what we do in our businesses, to keep things flowing so that we’re in accordance with the laws, rules and the regulations. I understand that most times it is not that we do not want people to make money, but we have rules that we have to comply to, just to try to help other people make money. Remember that too when you’re creating your accounts and getting business set up.

If you’re doing it on someone else’s platform, what is the back end that you’re not seeing? Just as when you’re creating your content, and people want to be on your site to haggle your price, what are they not seeing in the back end of work that you’re doing.

Remember that!!

Until next time…