Am I a sex worker?!?!?..

Dear Diary,

When I first started doing this I had to ask myself “Am I a sex worker?” I’m just selling panties that can’t qualify as sex work can it? It’s may be a hard pill to swallow for some people to think that they fall in the “sex work” category. I’m okay with that reality and I assume the risk that is associated with my choice.

~no shame in my game

We are to the point that if you have not thought about this question it’s time to.

The reality is that we are sex workers. Many never really want to face that fact. It’s okay but in the scheme of it all it’s what we offer. Being a sex worker doesn’t mean we are offering sex in and of itself but we offer adult content. Yes, we are selling panties. Let’s be honest with ourselves we know more than likely those who buy from us gets some form of sexual gratification. That’s okay. It is what it is.

One has to assume the responsibility of falling into the category of “sex worker” even it’s a sub category of the term “sex work”. I suggest that you think of the worst thing that could happen/be revealed about you. If you can handle that then keep moving forward. If you can’t handle it then you may want to rethink if you want to start/ continue what you do. Remember you are the business owner. You have the option not to show your face or reveal any personal identifying information about yourself.

Okay, okay maybe it’s not even the worry of “what if I get found out?” Maybe it’s the sheer stigma around sex work. You know your threshold. I encourage you not to go over your own threshold. You have the right to decide in some capacity about who will or won’t know about what you do. I’m not naive. Things happen out of our control but it’s a risk that we take with anything that we do.

I would hope that you don’t allow yourself or anyone else to shame you out of making this choice for yourself. I get it, other peoples opinions matter sometimes but you must do what is best for you within reason.

Hang in there and know that you are supported in your endeavors. Take the time you need to make this decision. If you are already in the panty selling business go ahead and take a deeper look at what you are doing. Put safety measures into action. Never become complacent. Accept responsibility for what you are doing and move full steam ahead one way or the other.

You’re got this.

Until next time…