An ode to panty sellers…

Panty Selling ..

We all know that this type of work will have us interacting with many different people/personality types. It is fun for sure. But one has to laugh sometimes just so they don’t cry at the amount of people who try to get over on us as sellers.

One of the buyers did a lovely poem to show their experience as a buyer. I think it’s in order to give a little inside scoop into what we sometimes face as sellers. It’s all in fun. Thank you to the buyer who suggested one of us sellers do a poem from our perspective.

Hey there girl let me be your Daddy. Send me cash first then I will pay you.

I need some pictures, panties, loyalty and trust. Don’t forget to send your cashapp login its a must .

Come on baby hit me up on KiK. If that doesn’t work here’s my WhatsApp.

I need some panties. Baby make them nice and wet. Here’s my review I want to send them back.

I know I was requesting the stinkiest of the stink. BUT damn I forgot it can get real rotten wearing for a week.

Oooh baby give me a pair. No NOT those the ones over there. “Those are not listed In my shop.” That’s okay send me pictures until I make up my mind that I’m gonna buy..

You’re so sexy I want to to fuck you. Looking at your profile baby that won’t do. Here’s a message to let you know my demise. Girl you got my dick so hard I wanna cry.

Babe all I can do is a dollar a minute…Plus all I want is just a quickie. Some say I’m a 3 pump wonder but they don’t know I work hard for that number..

~ Goddess Cheyenne