Bashing other sellers Part 2

Dear Diary,

I will mind my business!!

~ Not today boo boo


This is part two of not bashing others sellers on the feed. 

If you’re not willing to keep your mouth shut about seeing other sellers that you think are low balling you, then you need to simply block them because there is a way for you to do that. You could just keep scrolling.  

That is how life can be. You can ignore some things that does not work for you without causing conflict with other people. But you have to understand that sometimes we can get beside ourselves and we can get excitable because we want certain things to stop. We may end up saying things in a way that is not necessarily conducive to trying to help someone. 

This is one of the main reasons why I’m here also to give you guys a heads up and try to be completely honest about some of the things that goes on in this business that we have as sellers.  

It is  very important that despite all of what you may see, there are rules, terms and conditions that you must read when you sign on to these websites. Because they will tell you proper etiquette, and then they will tell you what is allowed and what isn’t allowed.  If you are doing things that goes against those terms and conditions you can expect to be reported by other sellers, the buyers and/or the admin will just ban you without warning.   They expect us as grown adults to read and to know what is or isn’t acceptable. 

Remember that it is not proper etiquette to bash other sellers on the feed especially if you are not willing to offer help to to others to be able to help them gain a better understanding of how things work.  

That is how it goes.  

Until next time…