Bashing other sellers

Dear Diary,

Some things are not worth the fight.

~ just keep scrolling


I am  back to talk to you about bashing or calling out othersellers on the platform feed. 

So this sort of goes along with my posts that talks about proper etiquette when interacting on the feeds of the different platforms that we use to sell on. You may find that there are some sellers who think it is okay to actually bash or call out other sellers publicly on the feed.  

I can understand why they feel there’s a need for that.  Because some sellers do not even want to interact with other sellers in any kind of way shape or form. That is their prerogative but you will find that they will openly bash other sellers on the feed.  What I mean by bash is new sellers are coming and going all the time. Sellers that have been there for a while will be there and do whatever.  

You will find that instead of like saying things like, “Okay , ladies, reach out to me if you need some help about an idea of what you should be pricing your items.”   Instead  they will say, “Hey you know, this is a reminder not to be selling your panties for $5 or selling your socks for five dollars because it costs more to ship those items than it does for you to even try to sell them.” .Well, you have to understand like, okay, I get it, and I know that they feel as if it affects everybody when people are selling items for $5 or 10 bucks and you’re selling your items for $30-$40. 

That is the beauty of having your own business. You can sell your stuff for however much you want too and it is okay. Now am I telling you to go out and do that? No, I’m not saying do that. Because over time, you’re going to realize that if you are actually doing this for business, you’re gonna realize that you are wasting money. You’re not really earning any money even though you are paying out money, or you are going to just say this doesn’t work and leave.  That’s not the case. It does work. That is why I tell new incoming people to give yourself at least three to six months to sort of get established in what you’re doing. But it is definitely proper etiquette not to bash others on the feed. 

Until next time…