Building community with other sellers…

Dear Diary,

Community with others feels good. It builds a sense of belonging. It also can help one to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

I’m grateful for the community that I have as as a sex worker.

~It takes a village

Today is a great day to talk about building a community with others.

As a sex worker it’s can be hard to find your place. There are different levels of sex work and some think that they are better than others. When I say better than others they may feel that if they don’t show their bodies fully naked they are “higher class” than someone who does. Then some believe that if they charge more money than another girl it makes them more “prestigious.” I’m here to say it’s BS. You and only you can determine how much you’re work is worth. You’re not there to manage someone else’s business. By putting these stamps on what is best for others is not good. When this happens it puts a bad taste in other sellers mouth. It’s best practice to let others do what is best for them.

In building community it is important to find your place with those who are doing what you do. It allows one to glean ideas, share ideas and simply have a place of belonging. I have found that in the community of sex workers that I am apart of we at the core of who we are truly seek to help each other succeed. Of course some may see the next person as competition but that is a given. No’s prone to happen.

In my opinion it’s definitely a good idea to find a community who do what you do. Leave yourself open to learn. Be willing to help others. Everything doesn’t need to be spilled out to the world but do what you can to show yourself friendly. There are plenty of us out there that wants you to succeed. There is enough of this work to go around. When you join into a group of others that do what you do be mindful of the rules/regulations that are in place within those groups.

Some places to find others:






These places will allow you to connect. Don’t set your intent on going into these avenues to sell your products. That’s not the goal. The goal is to simply find a place to be with like minded people. There are times where we all need someone to talk to. Even if you feel that you are stronger alone give it a try. Don’t feel pressured to talk. Think of it as a inside look into the world of what you do from different vantage points. Another tool in your bag.

If you can start today being a part of the bigger picture.

Until next time…