Buyers do not haggle male sellers

Dear Diary,

My prices are clear cut. I will not be haggled. If I were a man would they fight me so hard to lower my price?

~If I was boyyy


I’m here today to talk to you about what are some of the differences that I have seen between buyers buying from men and them buying from women.

In my last post I encouraged the men to sell. I do that wholeheartedly without any whilms nor without having any ultimate ill feelings towards the men who wants to sell in the industry.

One thing that I have noticed from other sellers whose male partners that are also sellers or just other men in general who sell do not have any issues. They have said that when the male buyers are buying from other men, the male sellers can set their prices no matter what the price is for whatever the item is that they are trying to sell, and the male buyers will pay that price. They will pay that price without any questions, without haggling, without trying to make them feel like they’re charging too much. They will just pay. My thing is, we have to remember that for some reason some men have the idea that a woman’s value and what they offer is less than men. I don’t know if it’s some kind of bro code or whatever it is, or this idea that men are more powerful, or more masculine. So they don’t have this haggling thing that they do with pricing that they do to women. You want to keep that in mind when you go to set your prices to sell your items.

As a woman seller stick to your price. Do not let these men or anyone else haggle you with your prices because I can tell you, they do not haggle each other in prices. If they want something from a man they buy it and I will stand on that 100%. Do not feel bad about setting your prices and sticking to it. You male sellers out there, get out there, set your prices and stick to it. Don’t try to be nasty and mean to mess with the system. Set your prices and stick to it and know what you want and go get it.

Until next timeā€¦.