Buyers wanting you privately but not publicly: Part 2

I have told them I will not be a part of this thing where you think it is okay to dote on me, and give me all of your money. And then publicly you try to ridicule those like me, because you want to fit in with others. Yes, I said they will give me all of their money. Sometimes, all money is not good money at the end of the day. You have to make a decision whether or not you want to be used in that type of way to where someone can say oh, you’re good enough for me to hide, you behind closed doors, but openly I’m going to treat you or others like you in a bad way.

You have to stand up for yourself and realize that you know what? No, we are not in my romantic relationships with these people. But we are offering them a service. It is a service that they can say yeah, I don’t want this service from you. Just like I can say I don’t want to offer you this service. Just be well aware that it doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum that you are on. Whether you are a woman of color, whether you are a Caucasian woman, it doesn’t matter what nationality you are, how your body look, there is someone out there who wants you. Then you have to face the reality that despite them wanting you, they will not want to show publicly that they want you and you have to be okay with that.

You have to separate your emotions and feelings from selling. that Realize that you are running a business. There are some things that I will not do in my business. I have the right to say no. I have the right to say yes. I have the right to move along from something does not work for me. But at the end of the day, just know that there are people who are out there who definitely wants to have you privately but publicly you can forget about it. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then you need to move around and not cause issues for your buyers in any kind of way. Because that is just sometimes how the cookie crumbles.

You have to decide if the money or the emotional ups and downs that may come with those feelings of knowing this is what you want to continue to do or to be a part of. If it’s something that you don’t want to be a part of, then you just say that is not for me and move along.

Okay, Until next timeā€¦