Buyers wanting you publicly but not privately: Part 1

Dear Diary,

One thing for certain and another thing for sure. I will not be anyone’s dirty little secret if they want to play games.
~ no one has to know


Today I’m here to talk to you about buyers who wants us privately but do not want us publicly.

What I mean by that is that there are times where you will come across buyers who wants to buy from you in private and they want to give you all the accolades. They even become great customers to you. Sometimes it may be a one off buy or whatever, but they will not put on display that they are actually buyers of yours.

I think that it’s important that we keep in mind that there are different reasons why our buyers do not want to be on display that they actually buy from us, and they actually prefer us over others. An example of this is a lot of times my buyers are Caucasian buyers that actually prefer women of color and they have had to fight off or just tell the others that no, I’m not interested in buying. But when they have tried to say to them it is because they prefer women of color they get backlash.

For them, it’s another thing that is put on their shoulder of okay I can’t do this openly because of my family life. I can’t do this with my friends. I can’t do this with people on this site. I have to hide that I am actually buying at all. How they do this as well is they will buy from you but they will not leave reviews because other people can see reviews when they buy from you. So they have to hide themselves from public view because they have issues or matters that causes them not to be able to do this. Now if I have a buyer, who is saying all these things that they prefer women of color and whatever, but yet they publicly get out there and be saying all these things that goes against what they say in private. Then I personally will tell them you know what, I get it, I understand, but I cannot work with you and I will not work with you because what I will not be is your fetish dispenser. But then you’re trying to be one of the popular people by going with the popular opinion when in reality that you are the one who came to me.

to be continued ..