Can I pay you half now & half later?

Dear Diary,

I must look like I offer a layaway plan. All of this “Let me pay half now & half later,”has my head spinning.

~Not a layaway service

Many sellers have expressed how their potential buyers have asked for them to allow a pay half now & half later service. This reminds me of the layaway plan that stores offer for people who can’t afford or does not want to pay for their items in full at the time that they decide to go shopping.

What is layaway you ask? Layaway is used by typically putting down a deposit — usually a percentage of the purchase price — and the buyer pay over time; the retailer holds the merchandise for you in reserve. You take the merchandise only when you have paid for the item in full. However, most buyers are asking that they be allowed to pay half of the price. You give them the product they want. Then they pay the other half.

For me that is a hard NO. If they get the product there isn’t anything that is enforcing them to pay after they have gotten the products. To me the best policy would be that you kindly tell them to come back when they can pay for the items they desire. There isn’t anything wrong with working with them to get what they desire at a price they can afford. Work with your customers to the best of your ability but do not give your products away without FULL payments.

Please do not let the excuse of being a new seller propel you give out products without full payment. Get the full payment no matter what. You are free to do as you desire of course. What is being said is strictly a suggestion. You should run your business as you see fit. If you chose to do the half now/half later plan prepare for the possibility of not getting paid the other half.

What is your hard work worth? Now go ahead in making a decision on how you will proceed.

Until next time…