Collaborating with other sellers Part 1

Dear Diary,

They say two heads are better than one. If this goes as planned it will open up new doors.
~ a twofer

Collaboration with other sellers Part 1


Today I am here to talk to you about collaborating with other sellers.

When I speak of collaboration that means you work with other sellers to create content and sales on whatever platform that you’re selling on.

How some content creation happens with other sellers is you would connect with another seller or sellers. You will have a discussion about what it is that you want to do to collaborate. You will go through all the details of who going to do this or that. What is it all going to cost. Who who is going to get paid what amount. How you are going to get paid, etc. Some of the ways that you can collaborate with other centers creators is by doing pictures, videos or doing any sessions that you agre upon together. I’ve even seen it to where some people will actually do clothing wears together. One person will wear an item. Then the other person would will wear the same item and it works out for them. For me, that is something I will have to be pretty sure about who the seller is to be able to do something like that. That’s not my thing. To each their own.

Collaboration with other people is a good thing in a sense that it helps you build community. It helps you to get to know other people and then sometimes there are just buyers out there who likes to see two sellers together making content. So they will buy because there are two sellers doing content together. Sometimes there’s people who even do it as a group effort. They will pick a theme: for example it is Valentine’s season. They then will all collaborate together to create a big scene for Valentine’s Day or whatever. They will set out how much they’re going to charge, who’s going to wear what, what role each person will play, and what that price will be for the buyer to get that collective collaboration content.

I think it is a good thing. It is definitely a way to truly connect with other sellers and for buyers to get to know you and get to see a different side of you. Always make sure you are doing things that vibe with you.

Money is not everything. Until next time…