Collaborating with other sellers part 2

This is part 2 of collaborating with other sellers.

If you know you are a person who’s pretty shy with making pics and videos by yourself then this will give you the opportunity to where you can create some content and you are not by yourself. It could help with feeling afraid. It would be a great time to get pointers from the other person or people. If you are the more outgoing person than you can help other people in that way as well.

It is important that when you collaborate with someone that you try to work with someone who has a good attitude, and a good sense of character. You don’t want to put yourself out there with someone who does sheisty things in their business practices. Not only does that reflect on them, but it will reflect on you even if up to that point you have been doing things the right way.

As you are collaborating, you just want to continue to make sure that you be yourself. Don’t do anything that you don’t want to do just for likes and follows. Nor just to make money if is not something that you really want to do. It is okay for you to say “no, I’m not interested in in a collaboration.”

I have had people reach out to me to collaborate and I have told them no. Things went a whole different direction than I expected but know that it is okay for you to say no. If it’s something that you definitely want to do, pick people who are best fitting with your personality. Make sure that you cross your t’s and dot your i’s. Make sure of what the terms of engagement are when you collaborate with other sellers.

Do not hesitate to follow your gut on any part of the process. You will thank yourself later.

Until next time…