Confessions of a Panty Fiend – The Types…

Dear Diary,

It‘s always fun when I get to tap into the musings of a buyer. To see what makes them tic gets me going. It’s important to note that every buyer is different but I’m sure they all have their way of choosing to buy.

Hmmm let’s take a deeper look shall we?

~for science

Todays post was submitted to me by one of the trusted buyers out there. Thank you for giving us a look into your world..

I have a confession…I am a panty fiend. Although sometimes I like to muse a “Panty Connoisseur” being said in mirth and leveity. As well in my musings, I like think and philosophize that the sellers, be it in this Kink or another really fall into a few archetypes. But not to get too Carl Jungian, or fall down the rabbit hole of every possible permutation, I boil it down to four quintessential ones.

The Leather Bitch – I think this is the one that comes first to the mind of the atypical Vanilla person of new person just getting into Kink, The High heeled, whip wielding, woman in leather. Strong willed, domineering, knowing that you wish to serve or in the case of selling, “You know you want this. Show me you are good little girl/boy and I can give you this token of my appreciation. I don’t need you to give me your money but I want it and i know you want to, don’t you?”.

The Vixen – What some might call a tease or a charmer. She knows she’s got it but doesn’t need to flaunt it, but can take such delight in doing so when the fancy strikes her. For her the message seems to be “Oh this is sooooo good and don’t I know it….oh do you want some if it? Well I suppose I could.” Kind of like flirting its the “we are both on the same wavelength” vibe.

The Delectable Smut – She’s voluptuous, she’s lewd, and not the least bit ashamed of it. She is living her best life whether you are paying heed or not. “I am great and feeling great. I revel in being myself and being in touch with my sexuality. I am having such a good time. Would you like to have a good time too?”

The Girly Doll – The girl or lady of (usually) demure but positive outlook, sometimes prone to “feign innocence” or resonate with that reluctance or heisation that our prudish society likes to engender, and that thrill we can get from stepping to what is said to be “taboo”. I think nearly everybody can relate to that. “Oh….I can’t just help myself. Being kinky it just too much fun. Maybe you want to indulge too?”

I feel secure in saying that few if anyone fits or responds solely to one archetype alone. People are after all a mixture of different elements. But boiled down to it’s core, that is what I feel is the bedrock of the different types. People like patterns and four seems to be one that people throughout the ages resonate with, be it the four elements, humors, or psychological types.

You may notice that the archetype quotes are all posed as questions, and perhaps that warrants further discussion and examination in another article, but getting to the root of that as well, it is a dialogue, the “Me” as the seller how they present themselves, to “you” the buyer. From chat box words, to cam shows, to pre-recorded videos. “Hey kinkster wanna have some fun in the way we both share?”