Confessions of a Panty Fiend. – What I look for when looking..

Dear Diary,

I’m taking notes. It’s an honor to have a inside look into the mind of the buyer(s). What we do serves a purpose. Sometimes what we think they want is not always the case. It pays to humble and open to learning. No one buyer is the be all of what buyers go through to get their wears. Either way. I’m grateful for the sneak peek.

~grateful for the peek inside

Today’s post is brought to you from one of the trusted buyers out there. Thank you for letting us get a peek into your world..

I doubt many among us, the kind of crowd that reads this kind of material, that would honestly be able to deny the thrill of “Window Shopping”. To be on the hunt for that new something to excite and delight. And even more so when coupled with the taste of carnal desire of shopping for new panties to buy. And while there is a near infinite amount of subsets of the kink to tickle your fancy, from the most basic to those marked the ladies special time of the mont. In this article I will be articulating the thought process of a panty fiend on the hunt for a new prize.

Sadly there are not too many sites that sell used undergarments, and if the rumors are to be believed, nor vending machines dispensing them like they say used to be in Japan. But with technology nowadays, one does not need to be all too tech savvy to set up an account. They are already set up to do the heavy lifting of the payment processing for buyers and seller. Be it through “digital currency” or through a system fitting for adult friendly sales. So if behooves a seller to pick a site that looks to be in order to get more potential buyers.

Now onto the sell. I’ve heard it said that “tight and shiny best catches a guy’s attention”. I don’t don’t how true that is across the board, but tight and shiny coupled with my favorite color of purple rings true for me. I do appreciate the work that goes into the photo for the panties. The lighting, the background, setting up the camera to catch the right angle that best shows off the ASSets of the seller. I’m not sure how many take the time to appreciate it all or the work that goes into setting it up, especially in the throes of lust, but putting the time for aesthetics goes a long way. After all, from fast food to sports goods, don’t they “enlarge to show detail” or put the product upon a appealing background usually around pictures of excited people?

And now for the “piece de resistance”, the Write Up. By this point they have found the site, and picked the profile for a better look, time for the last part “selling the fantasy”. By that point the prospective buyer is invested or curious enough to look further from the other ones. If the prospective buyer is “pent up enough” and the panties are just in the right niche to sctrach their itch then that might be the end of it. But to be really sure the what is written there can make all the difference between window shopping and the “I’ve got to have those now” reaction. I truly believe that if a seller is having fun with the whole process it will shine through if they are being sincere. The buyer will pick up on that whether they realize it or not. It doesn’t need to be a short story nor a hype piece, but something like “these are my favorite pair of cheeky style panties. Words cannot describe the texture… it feels like there’s a cloud padding my ass. Gold writing on the front from VS and just a lovely silhouette.” Something like that to evoke and stoke the feelings of desire. At its core a message “You want this. I know you do and this one is so good.” This must shine through but with the sellers own personality and touch.

Until next time…