Confessions of a Panty Fiend

Today is a special day. I get to hear directly from a used panty buyer. Lets be real many of us wants to know what goes on in their head when it comes to panty buying. I suppose one would say I’m lucky be able to get a panty buyer to confess to why they but. I don’t know if I would call it luck. All I know is I’m here for it and ready to dive in.

~tapping into the market

Dear Diary

Todays post was submitted to me by one of the trusted buyers out there. Thank you for giving us a look into your world..

I have a confession….I am a panty fiend…Yes, yes I know to think that an kinkstir would be so desirious of the used panties. But all levity aside I have had a fixation on panties since my start into the kink world and have had a budget for used panties for some years now. It is not my main kink or only kink mind you but something more often than not that I enjoy. And if being tied to one of my first sexual fantasies so no great surprise that it would be a staple of my kinkiery.

 Like any kink there is subsets upon subsets, but for the sake of this article I will only be focusing on the allure of them and maybe a “why”. I believe the first big part of it is more a less a status symbol. Not of status in terms of a political hierarchy or the like, but the genitals aside, it is the last step before full nakedness, before one bears all to their partners, lovers, or to your local dungeon. As one goes through casual day, barring a catastrophe , that is one article of clothing that does not get shown to the the rest of the world at large, something that you and only those you choose get to see. It’s one of the most personal things you keep on your person and one of the first articles of clothing that you start the day with….unless you are “going commando.”

There is little doubt that there has been a mystique built around them. A trip to your nearest Victoria’s secret is testament enough to that. Stores like that with more then enough design, style and fabrics with enough  designs to tickle your or your partners fancy. So then to those of us without regular (or maybe adventurous enough) partners find their way to the internet for the sites that sell them. I can not attest to the seller site of the equation, but definitely can for the joy of shopping for them, and the excitement once they arrive. Is there not something to be said for owning something that was that intimately close to one’s person?

And as fun enough is it would to be just getting used but clean knickers from someone, to my other point is smell. It is one of our five major senses after all. And looking at the available resources today sight and hearing is easy enough to satisfy with a basic internet search or video store. Touch, maybe a little more work, but again a little more ingenuity or a trip to the nearest adult toy store. Taste? Well I can’t really help you there (unless we are talking about the edible undies). To smell that is something that is harder to replicate, fortunately there are the online stores, and I think that since most of them and the sellers charge more of the longer they wear hence “enhance” the scent speaks to that point. And as well they do sell more then just panties to satisfy all your scent cravings.

Speaking for myself, that of having a “subscription” with my panty provider I can note some other observations in that department. While we have never met in person, we have talked a bit. Some of which being her physical and dietary routine. While not an olympic athlete, she is a regular of the gym for lifting. I can’t say with certainty for some of the other anonymous sellers I’ve bought from, I can say with a rough guest that the more athletic the person, the more appealing the scent has been, in my experience. Perhaps the pours and sweat glands are more active hence smell more fresh or natures way of promoting healthy habits. While I am a bit of a foodie and definitely not a health craze junkie, my panty provider has switched her diet over the years from just healthier with less pre-processed food to a more Keto diet, I’ve noticed that her scent has seemed, almost sweeter.

But if nothing else she gets a rise knowing people are getting off to her scent and I get simulated as well.