Connecting to buyers for a sale:  Part 1 

Dear Diary,

It is moments like that I have to decide not to fake it  until I make it. 

~ Real deal Holifield 

Today I’m here to talk to you about connecting with buyers to make sales or to do your sales pitch. 

The first thing that I am going to say  is when you have made up your mind that you’re going to reach out to a buyer to make a sale, you have to remember that they are getting hundreds of messages most likely every day from a seller trying to get a sale from them. You want to keep that in mind when you reach out. Reaching out and saying “Hello, Hi how are you?”  They hear that so many times.  It is going to take more than a “Hi, hello, how are you?, What’s up babe.” to get a sale.  I will also say to you when you are reaching out to try to get a cell sale from a buyer do not call them pet names. It is appropriate to either just don’t call them anything at all, or to use their username when speaking with them. If they reply to you and tell you that it is okay for you to call them something else then best bet to follow the suggestions above. Those are some of the big things that you want to remember when you’re reaching out to a buyer for sales. 

When you are reaching out remember that it is okay to switch it up when you’re talking to different buyers to not do like a copy and paste message over and over to a ton of buyers because they most likely have seen it. You want to make your message a little bit more personalized.  I’ll just give you one thing that I do.  What I noticed on most platforms, you are able to see the people who have visited your profile.  That is saying to me that they are interested in something that I have in my shop since they actually clicked on my shop and looked even if they didn’t reach out.  I understand a lot of times they are shy.  They may see something but they may get afraid to actually reach out.  This is your opportunity to reach out to them.  

When I reach out to them. I say something like, “Hello, I noticed that you have looked at my profile. Please feel free to reach out to message me and let me know what you are desiring.” You don’t want to be so hardcore to where you are pushing, pushing pushing. My profile is private so they will have to follow me to be able to actually see my full profile. Yes, that is a strategy that we do to be able to get sales from buyers because.  It must be understood a lot of times the buyers will watch your profile but they will never speak to you.  Those who actually want to connect with you and actually want to buy with you they most likely follow you.  Then you can make a connection.  

Once they make that connection with me, I let them know in a simplest form as possible that if I don’t have anything listed in my shop that they might want, just go ahead ask me for it. That normally opens up the door for a sale because they know they can come a ask for things not listed. If you find that they don’t really have anything that they truly want to buy from you that is okay, just put it on hold. What I do is I check back in with them down the road.  I ask them how they are doing overall on the site. It’s my way to make sure that they are  still having a good time on the site.  This help to truly get to know them/connect with themselves. I have no desire to  see them as a way to make money.  Now don’t get me wrong. I do want sales, but it is deeper than that.

You  want to make sure that you’re making true connections with them, and that you’re not just going in and forcing their hand to buy your stuff from you. 

Continued in part 2 …