Connecting to buyers for a sale: Part 2  

Sometimes  they will respond and say, “ I’m  just window shopping or I’m just looking around right now.” Keep that in mind too. Do not block them. Do not delete them. Do not put them out there as a time waster because they’re not necessarily a time waster. You know, they simply need time to be able to look around to find something that they want. They may find it at a cheaper price than what you may have and that’s okay. 

Say for example, you get the sale and the buyer went silent without hearing anything from them.  Understand that they are not necessarily trying to waste your time either in that situation. Most of them have jobs or things that are going on in their everyday life that will cause them have to be able to work through all that stuff before they can come back on the site.  With them being able to come back on the site that will give them the opportunity to actually communicate with you back and forth.  

If they have put an order and you guys are working out the details, then say for example, they you see that they read your message but they did not reply. Once again that is not a moment for you to deem them a time waster because they have read your message leaving you on read. I will say once again, a lot of the times you have to remember that most of these buyers are in relationships, they have families, they have jobs, they have things that are going.  Even though they may have read your message, they may have not actually had the actual time to sit and give you a decent respond.

Do not block them do.  Sometimes you will notice that it is going days and they have not reached back out to you. So what you will do, you will go ahead and reach back out to them to confirm that they still want the order. I will also say do NOT create an order until after you have been paid. The order is not yours until after they have paid so remember that.  Try not to get upset. Don’t get in such a frenzy to think that they are wasting your time. Life happens.  You have to give them the time that they need to be able to do the things that they had to do before they could respond to you. 

On another note, even if there are some buyers who you have reached out to they have seen your message but they didn’t respond.   This is one of those things where you have to give them a little bit of time.  You can set in your mind how long you want to wait before they respond.

If they don’t respond by that time, then okay, you do not reach back out to them again. Just know that it’s most likely them not wanting anything from you at that time. You leave archived then you can come back.  

What I found a lot of times is that some weeks or months would pass but they will come back later and respond to me and actually become a great buyer.  Keep those things in mind. Do not bash them . Do not haggle  them. If they tell you that they’re looking around, or they are not ready to buy, do not try to force their hand and to make them believe that what you’re offering to them is the best thing on the market. You know what? Just like we want to feel that we’re good. There’s always someone who can be better,  remember that.  Do the best that you can. 

Patience is a virtue!!

Until next time…