Content used in a nonconsensual way: Part 1

Dear Diary,

I gave him what he wanted and he was Robin Hood and shared it with everyone.
~That boy is a real crowd pleaser


Today I’m here to talk to you about your content being used in a non consensual way.

When we create content, and we give it to our buyers, we have an expectation that they are viewing this content only for themselves. The content that I’m speaking of is pictures and videos. We all know that creating pictures and videos is sometimes or most times a part of selling panties. They want “souvenirs” to go with their orders. Normally that stuff is sent directly to our buyers, and we expect that it is going to be used just for their viewing pleasure.

However, there are times where we may find out that that was not the case. They didn’t use the purchase themselves, but they have shared it in other places. They have shared it with their friends. Either way, they have used it in a way that we did not consent to. An example of this is there was a seller who had sent out a video. It was a custom video that was directly for this particular buyer. Well, she happened to be talking to the buyer, and the buyer brought up that his friends really enjoyed seeing her in the video she sent him. He goes on to ask her is she would be willing to make more videos for him doing the thing that he I requested of her. Of course in her mind, she’s like, “NO, I didn’t expect others to see me in this way. I didn’t agree to that. I will not be doing that for you.” The buyers replay was, “well I didn’t think anything of it. I figured since I had already paid for it. Then I am free to do with it as I want.”

Okay, now that is understandable that he felt that it was his property now that he has paid for it. But it has to be understood that she was the one who was on display. She created this video for him as a custom order. That was SPECIFICALLY for him. He didn’t buy the video as a group thing for him and his friends. He bought it for him. Now, I will talk to you about how to deal with the reality that you may find out that this has happened.

I’ll give you a part two of your content been used without your consent, in a non consensual way…