Content used in a nonconsensual way: Part 2

Dear Diary,

This buyer is making me take one for the team.
~ Team work make the dream work


I’m back to talk to you about when content is used in a non consensual way from my last post.

We left off where the seller had sent off the product that was bought specifically for their buyer. The seller found out from the buyer that he shared it by him telling her, “ I enjoyed the video. I watched it with my friends. We had a good time watching you. I would love for you to make more for us…” Well, that is a different request. She didn’t have the opportunity to decide. Before the second request whether or not if she wanted to do the video for his friends.

Keep in mind that when we do videos for an individual, there’s a certain price. When you are doing videos for a group of people or pictures for a group of people there is a different price that must be paid. But now they have already seen her. The bridge has already been burned. How I normally handle things like that when I find out that stuff like that is done. I will go to the person, I let them know that I see the video or pictures have been shared somewhere else. I politely ask them to take it down. If they take it down great. If not, then I will take other steps as far as going to the admin of the website. I literally mean going DIRECTLY to those who have the power to remove these people.

Another way that can help you know who has shared your content is by taking step to track your content. Because sometimes we do so many videos and pictures. You can lose track of what was done for who if you don’t have a filing system that keeps track of something like that. One way that you can figure out how to keep track is to put their names within the video showing who it was. Their username, you put it into the video and it will show you who the person was that you had made this video for. Then you will be able to go back and see it was this user. Be aware they can go and change their name to something different on the site they bought from. But at the end of the day, you will know that this this person was the one who did it. I’m going to tell you right now, a lot of times their requests and what they desire does not change. So you will most likely know who it was. They like this. They like that. I know it was them.

Do your due diligence as best you can either way….