Disappointed buyers..

Dear Diary,

I have given it my best shot but this buyer is raising hell. I want to make them happy but my patience is wearing thin.

~About to act a fool up in here up in here

The scene is set. You have produced the product that your buyer has requested per their specifications. You are truly proud of yourself as you prepare to send the item. You deliver the item knowing that you freaking slayed that order. The next thing you know you are contacted by the buyer. They are not happy with their order.

Pause. Take a breath & assess the situation. I know it can be hard to do the above when some buyers express disappointment in the products that you delivered. Especially when you know that you did everything exactly as they requested. Despite all of that they are not happy. What to do? What to do?

Let me say do not refund their money. Yep, I said it. Do not refund the money. You did the work but it is not up to their standards/expectations. Hear them out then decide what to do. When this happens to me I show empathy for their situation. Yet, I hold my ground by going over the order again with them to show that I did as they requested. Then I try to work out a way that I can satisfy their disappointment. I do this by offering either a discount on their next order OR something like a set of pictures/short video based on the theme of what they ordered.

If I find that I still cannot satisfy the buyer I acknowledge their unhappiness again. Then I remove myself from the situation by letting them know that I no longer desire to work them. This is not being mean. This is simply you letting the customer know that you have tried to fix the situation but you no longer desire to work with them any longer. Now be prepared that they may give you a bad review. That comes with the territory. If this happens go straight to the admin/support department of the website you are selling on and let them know the full situation. Be sure to show proof of what you are saying. Then kindly request that they remove the bad review. Most sites will remove bad reviews when there is proof that it should be removed. Some sellers will take the route of writing a bad review in return putting all the details of the situation in said review. I strongly suggest not doing this. It is not the business of everyone else as to what happened between you and the buyer. Yes the buyer gave a bad review. You do not have to retaliate with giving one back. Go to those who can help you resolve the situation..the admin.

Now let me say, please make sure that you are putting out quality work. We all are continuously learning. If you know that you are not giving the buyers what they paid for STOP. Do right by your customers. I’m not even going to say that you make other sellers look bad. You make yourself look bad & untrustworthy.

What image do you want for yourself?

Okay now go get it done.

Until next time…