Discretion for your buyers

Dear Diary,

I know that some of the buyers who comes to me are not single. However, its not my place to judge them. I want to be sure that they get the best experience possible.

~ No judgement zone

Hello and welcome,

I am here to talk to you today about being discrete for your buyers.

Is is very common knowledge that many of the buyers who shop with us are not single. Many of them are people who has families, businesses and other things that they do not want tampered with. That is very understandable. We should be sure that we are not interfering in any of that on purpose. What I mean is despite knowing that they are not single, we should not be doing anything that we purposely set our intent to cause them any harm.

To the actual point:

When creating orders it is imperative that you do your best to have the order be how the customer requests. Then you charge them accordingly. When it comes to packaging the orders I ALWAYS ask the buyer if they need discretion. I have not come across a buyer yet who has not said yes. As I’ve said there isn’t any judgment with me. I reassure them that I will be sure they get the discretion that they need and I follow through.

The way that I follow through when packaging my orders by using a plain light grey plastic bubble wrap envelope. I also use plan wrapping paper for wrapping the items and a simple card. The card normally says “Thank you for your order”. I do NOT put and lipstick kisses, perfume sprays, glitter, stickers or anything else that will trigger it not being a basic package. By doing this for your customers it will help them to know that you take pride in providing good customer service.

Many buyers have told me that they were disappointed with their order ONLY because there was not a certain level of discretion. Imagine putting in the work to create a great product just to mess it up on the packaging/shipping part. They have said to me “You would think that it would be common sense not to put all that extra stuff.” I do not judge the sellers either because some of them do not know that the buyers does not always like that. It is one of those that you can simply ask your customer about.

I hope this post has helped you to do one more thing to better your business.

Until next time….