Do buyers care if items “stink”?

Deary Diary,

The boys want that funk.

~ My milkshake bring the boys to the yard


I am back today to talk to you about whether or not buyers care if the items have “stinky” smell to them.

I’ve seen this mentioned or talked about a few times. I have been questioned about it so many times, I have decided to do a post addressing it.

I am going to say NO. They do not care about it having a stink to it, because in an essence that is what they are looking for. Some are accustomed to a different type of stink not a stink where you have not take care of yourself like you are supposed too. But more of a natural stink that can happen just from going through the day. There are some who literally want the true hardcore stinch. It’s not necessarily that you are not taking care of yourself, but they will tell you specifically what type of smell they want in whatever items you may have that they are trying to get from you. They will tell you.

If they are not telling you, you should be asking them exactly what it is that they want so that there isn’t any confusion about how they want things to be. Let’s clear the air about this thing of people saying, “Well, I can’t believe that they want literal stinch.” Trust me that is what they want. They want the smell. They want the smell, just know that they want the smell!!! Hahahah

Please just ask them and listen to what they are telling you. If you are not understanding, get clarification by asking them exactly what they mean about certain things that they may say because sometimes they can say some weird or strange things. They will clarify what they mean if you ask. After that you can tell them if it is possible or whatever.

So yes, to clear the air. They do want it stinky!! The best practice is to ask them for exactly what they want and they will be sure to tell you.

Until next time