Do I need social media to be successful selling panties?

Dear Diary,

It’s very tempting to set up my shop on social media. Who doesn’t like more visibility? It would most likely boost my sales. But there are some things I won’t do.

~social media rebel

Today let’s dive into whether having social media will make you more successful.

As a seller this question comes up a lot. It’s the age of social networking. If one finds their place in that world they can set themself up pretty good.

For me I chose not to link my social media. I don’t do so because I’m very active using it for other things with friends and family. I don’t want to mix the two for obvious reasons. However, there are many who doesn’t understand that some of them do NOT allow sex work. Don’t be fooled. Yes there are some sex workers who are getting by without their accounts being shut down. It does happen though. I have conversed with other sellers who have set up their social media account to promote their businesses and they have been shut down despite having passed under the microscope for some time.

Another thing that some people don’t realize is that when they connect their sex work social media accounts they are connecting ALL of their contacts as well. If you don’t know how to go into the settings to change it your contacts will see your business page despite you not adding them. They can get suggestions of “people you may know” sent to them. Which can then out you as a sex worker. So remember there are pros/cons to doing this.

As far as I know one of the only social platforms that allow sex work to be on display is Twitter. Even then I chose not to link it to my business.

Whether or not social media makes you more successful really depends on your fan base and how much you promote your brand. Just because you add social media it doesn’t mean people will come to you to buy. You still have to promote your business. Try not to get caught up into the hype of social media being the one true way to be successful. Just like anything, it works for some. For others it doesn’t.

You are ultimately the decision maker on whether you will take that step or not. As always I strongly suggest you do your own research then make a decision.

Wishing you the best.

Until next time…