Do I need to show my face as a panty seller?!?!?

Dear Diary,

It’s a fine line of being mysterious and being completely open.

Some days I want to hide my face. Other days I want the buyers to see me in all my glory. It can be quite nerve wrecking finding that perfect balance. It’s a risk one has to weigh for themselves. As for me I’m living with no regrets.

-Behind the veil

Let’s chat today about whether you should show face or not.

In the community of sex work there’s lots of talk of whether one should show their face or not. Some say yes because it let your buyers know who you are. “Put a face to the name.” Others say no because it gives a sense of mystery/thrill of not seeing your face.

In the scheme of it all it’s really up to you as to if you want to show your face. What is it that you want to portray? Why do you want to show your face? Why do you want to keep it hidden? These are all valid questions that you need to ask yourself.

Remember there are no wrong answers. Do what is best for you.

No matter what you decide remember there is always a “catch 22”. You will either attract buyers or you won’t. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed one way or the other simply because you want more money. Never allow yourself to be pushed over your threshold because you want to “please” someone.

If you don’t have a limit trust and believe they will push you until you find out what it is. You are the one in control here. This is your business. Yes you want to grow. Yes you want to set goals for yourself. Yes you want to do your best to make your buyers happy. However, that does not mean that have to do any and everything for a buck.

Get creative when deciding if you’re going to show your face or not. You are here doing what you do to earn money. The best thing you can do is be yourself. Yes you can do that whether you show your face or not. No one can be a better you than you. Allow yourself to be free. Put your best foot forward. At the end of the day someone will desire what you have to offer. Remember that.

Find your niche and work it like there’s no tomorrow.

What will you decide? Whatever you decide know that there are others out their supporting you!!

Until next time…