Do you know your scent? Part 2

Dear Diary,

My scent has not eluded me. It has driven the men crazy mmm how that excites me.

~smelling like a bed of roses


I am back to continue to talk to about knowing your scent.

When I am getting closer to my monthly cycle I noticed that not only does my scent pick up but also my secretion will pick up and become more creamier/thicker. Underlying to all of that I will have a stronger floral scent and sometimes I would even say like a hint of vanilla. I cannot tell you why my body does that. I will say that I do not drink sodas. I do not eat a lot of junk food. I drink plenty of water. I would take water or tea over anything else. So maybe because I do drink a lot of floral teas that helps.

Also, when I bath I do so with scented epson salts that has like floral notes to them. I bath with lemons, limes, oranges and fresh roses in my water. No I have not ever had any issues with UTIs or any of that type of stuff. Some of those things are actually natural cleansers to the body. I do that for different reasons. At the end of the day it is important that you know your scent and do not over exaggerate your scent.

If you have a lighter scent say that if your scent is strong, say that. Figure out what different things that you do that causes your scent to be certain ways. You may think “well I’m not going through all of that.” However, that can be a big thing when you are trying to sell because some of them just have to know. It is a part of the thrill for them. I wouldn’t go into this long spiel of whatever about your scent because some of them get off on that too.

But yeah, figure out what your scent is and open the door to possibly making more sells.

Until next time…