Earn more money with the Google Drive app

Dear Diary,

Boy oh boy do I love making money as many ways as I can. I enjoy making custom content. It’s even better when ALL of my money come directly to me. I want all of my money.

~ Work smarter not harder

Today I will talk to you about using the Google Drive app for premade and custom content. I have been using Google drive for quite some time now. I have always had the app so that I can send content to my buyers without having to be at my computer to do so. As I always say time is money. So for me it only makes sense to have the app.

The reason it is important to have the app is that it allows you to make sales even when you are on the go. There has been a uptick in buyers wanting to buy content without having to have things processed through the panty selling sites to do so. What they have been doing is contacting me directly with the listing they want then paying me through my payment processor. Which allows me to have my money now without having to do it through cryptocurrency. The process of accepting cryptocurrency is a whole other blog post. For now we will stick to why you should have the app.

With that in mind imagine having to make the buyer wait until you get home. Many of them are ready to buy from you right now if they are messaging you for an item. Since that is the case then you have to be ready to give them what they are desiring in that moment. If not you will most likely miss out on the sale.

If you already use drive then you know how files are loaded and saved into the drive. With the files being ready to go all you need to do is add the buyer to the file. You do this by going to the item they desire and add them to the folder. Be sure to ask them for their gmail email. You click on the item then click “share. Add their email address then be sure to set it that they can see it as a VIEWER only. They then will be notified that you have shared the file with them and they can view it right away. This has allowed me to earn so much more money that I would have earned if I didn’t offer the convenience of having it “RIGHT NOW”. That is it.

If you have not been using the app. Here is a great reason to start doing so.

Be sure to check out pantymagnet.com they are offering a free subscription right now. *It is free to register. A subscription is not required to upload items to sell since they give you a limited amount of uploads to start.

Until next next time….