Got my first panty sale now what?

Dear Diary,

It’s always so exciting when people buy from me. It does me good knowing that I’m able to give them what they desire. It’s not my place to try to please everyone. Some people will like what I offer others won’t. I’m okay with that.

~happy seller

You’re super excited that you’ve gotten your first sale. Now what?

First things first. Make sure you have everything that is needed to send out your package. (If your first order is panties etc.)

If it’s digital content be sure that you are delivering to the correct person/place. If you are on a platform that delivers digital content automatically for you this information will be available for you to see without a problem. Either way be sure that the buyer has input the correct information needed. If you have to deliver yourself make sure you have the correct information especially if it’s custom content.

If you are able, send a thank message right away. The small touches help build rapport with your buyers.

Be sure to send your order out ASAP.

Listen to their feed back if they choose to send any.

If they want to order again try doing some up selling. This may take a bit of time getting use to doing. You will learn quickly trust me. Don’t hesitate to send out coupon codes to your buyers. Make sure that you are pricing your items so that you still make what you deserve for your work.

Hope this helps.

Go ahead and make that money honey!!

Until next time…