How the verification process work…

Dear diary,

It gets quite strenuous trying to get “verified” on these sites. Why can they just trust me that I’m 18 or over? Like I seriously wouldn’t be on the deep dark web if I wasn’t of age right? I just want to have some fun, sell my stuff and make some coinage. Hehee

It can’t be that hard to look at me and tell I’m an adult. Look at me!!

~the sick of verifying seller

“Get verified”. These words are on the screen staring back at you. Your heart skips a beat. You have no clue what that means or why you must do it.

Let’s face it. You know that you’re old enough to be doing what you’re trying to do but the owners of the site doesn’t know that. They cannot have underage people on the site on either end of the spectrum. Yes that means the buyers have to be 18+ as well. I know, I know. It can totally be faked by adjusting the date you were born buttt.. we are not even going to go there.

The owners of the sites are trying to save their ass from lawsuits and everything else in between. So it’s imperative that they have these “safety” measures in place. You want them to be in place as well. Why? Because if there are not any sites to sell on you have to find other ways to sell your items. What better way to do this than by having a platform all set for you?

Let’s get back to the point: Verifying.

You must verify your account. If you don’t do this you are missing out on profit. As I’ve already said the owners are saving their ass but you are setting yourself up to make more money. When you go to the sites you will see that a lot of times it shows that you are verified OR not verified. If you are not verified this let buyers know that you have not done what you needed to do to prove who you are. This can be looked at as that you are not who you say you are. This in most cases will make them move along to the next seller.

Don’t get in a frenzy here. Your personal information is not shared with the others on the site. It’s given to the site owners and their admin team. The admin team ONLY have access to your information so that they can do their job of approving or denying your id. I know the thought of that can be scary but it has to be done. Once you are verified a whole new world opens for you. Please ALWAYS verify your account.

How do you do that?

Once you register to be on the site it will tell you how to verify in your “back office” or “dashboard” You simply click on the “get verified” tab and follow the instructions. In most cases you will have to send in a copy of your ID with your face showing next to the ID. Then sometimes they will ask that you hold up a sign with the site name on it also while showing your face. They then will send you a email letting you know whether you were approved or not. If you are of age and followed the instructions there normally isn’t a problem getting verified.

I’m going to tell you now there are some sites that has a vigorous verification process. Do NOT feel pressured to fill out the documents. Either fill them out or move along. It’s all up to you.

You are your own boss. Make that money honey!!