Keeping track of who buys from you

Dear Diary,

These buyers are sneaky. I have a trick or two up my sleeve.

~Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.


Today I am here to talk about some ways where you can keep track of those who buy from you.

Another way to keep track of who these people are is by having a little black book. I love the little black book method. It is not anything fancy. It really is just a book or a notebook that keeps track of who the person was, their name, their email, what way they paid you. All of these different things. These are key factors that can allow you to be able to in a way, have some kind of autonomy in how you’re interacting with these people and a way for you to keep track of your business.

As I have said before, you keep track of this person, what they like, what they don’t like things of that nature. A lot of the times their MO don’t change. They like what they like, that’s what gets them off. They stick to that thing. If you have all of this information, then it will better help you to be able to go to the admins or other websites where things may be posted. It also really helps you to stay reminded of who your customers are. In all honesty this will help you to run your business better.

This is a thing where sometimes our content is being used in an unconventional way and we have to take steps to get it fixed. There are a lot of situations where it is assumed that the content that we make, especially when it’s custom content, that it is for that person alone. Then for it to be used in a way that we didn’t expect it to be used, we have to take the steps that it takes to go ahead and get it taken care of. It also can mean that what if you’re okay with your content being shared amongst their friends or whatever? Then you don’t say anything. If you are not okay, you let them know that hey, I’m not okay with that. This is not what I signed up for. Then you are going to choose to continue to work with them. Or you’re going to say I do not want to work with you any longer because sometimes an apology is not enough to cover the reality that you were on display to others that you did not agree to be on display for. Be aware that it happens and you have the right to decide whether that is what you want to happen to you and you are willing to take the steps to get it taken care of it at whatever cost that may be.

The websites I have sold on are pretty good about handling when things like that happen when you can prove that you were the original owner of this content. It was paid but it was shared, and they misused the way that they were supposed to use this content. I’m not here to scare you, or try to make you afraid of sharing content but I also want to give you ways to counteract it. As well as try to help yourself, run your business better.

Until next time…