Living life outside of being a panty seller

Dear Diary,

I want to live everyday like there is no tomorrow.

~A life without any regrets


I am here today to talk to you about living life outside of being a seller.

I just want to tell you that selling is an amazing thing. It’s a lot of fun. There’s ups and downs that come with anything that you do in life. But ultimately, I just want to encourage you to make sure that you’re living life outside of being a panty seller. I know that it can be quite consuming. It can take up a lot of time. It can be so invigorating just being able to express yourself and make a lot of money by doing this.

If you’re trying to finish school, you have a career, you are in a relationship or any of those things that is outside of this, live those things. Enjoy those things to the best of your ability. The reason why I’m saying this is, I have been coming across a lot of sellers who are throwing away or given up on things that they want to do in life outside of panty selling simply because they get so consumed into it. Nothing else begins to matter. Instead of doing that, try to remember that one day you are going to have to choose between this and truly living life. I would hope that you will really choose living life instead of focusing completely on this. Yes, you can do it for as long as you want to. In most cases this is not something that someone wants to do for the rest of their life as a way of having a livelihood or whatever.

I would also say that if this is your livelihood and you are making a lot of money and are able to go through life without having to do anything else but this is what you want to focus on then do that. Please try to remember that even in the midst of that there’s so much to explore outside of all of this. Make sure that you have a fine balance with all of it. Stay encouraged and know that there is a group of us who supports you in what you’re trying to do. We want to see you do well. Do not allow this thing to completely consume you while you throw everything else away for this. We always want to live life with no regrets. Sometimes it’s easier said than done to live life with no regrets.

You know, you can look back on it one day and be like man I wasted so much time investing in that and put all my energy into that and then like what do I have to show for it? Sometimes that can even mean that you have a lot of money or a lot of things that are materialistic that you want but there’s no one to share it with. There’s no happiness or anything beyond just you being able to say, “Well, I have a ton of money and I have all the material stuff.”

I want you to know that this lifestyle is very fun. It can be extremely addicting. You have to put into perspective. What is it all worth to you? Sometimes you know when you come in you’re just like, “ I’m going do it for a little bit.” Then you keep going. Before you know it, years, months, hours has passed and you’re just so focused on it, that you can’t think of anything else even when you’re trying to do other things. You can’t think of anything else. Make sure that whatever you’re doing that you find a complete balance in all of it so that you can truly live your best life. If your best life equals to enjoying this for the rest of your life, then so be it, but make the best of it. Whatever you do, make it the best that you possibly can. Because one day you will have to make a decision. Sometimes the decision is to keep going. Sometimes it is nice to step away. Whatever you do, stay strong, be encouraged, live life without any regrets.

Until next time…