New process to selling panties

Dear Diary,

All I want to do is sell my panties. They are giving us the run around again. I better not get my panties in a bunch or I won’t be making any money that’s for sure.

~Not getting my panties in a wod

Today I’m here to talk to you guys about a new thing that one of the payment processors is requiring of websites for us to be able to sell on them.

I was notified that for a particular payment processors to continue to process payments for sites like the ones that we sell on as vendors we have to for sure get verified.

There is no way around it and we have to send in our IDs. This is to show that we are who we say that we are and that we are the age that we are supposed to be verified as legal. So that’s means the age of 18+. Anyone, who is in any content that we create, must also be verified.

We must also keep a signed document stating that this person is of age and has agreed to be in any content that we put on these sites. I am seeing that once again we have something that is trying to stop us from selling, but I say it’s worth it. Go ahead and send in your IDs and get verified. My thing is if a site is not asking you to assure them that you are of legal age, I would be running because you want to protect yourself. They want to protect themselves too. I say yeah, it’s one more thing that we have to go through, but it is worth doing it to be safe. Another thing that they have come up with is that we have to have a content creation agreement that we have signed saying that “We agree to being of age, we agreed to be verified and we agree to anyone that is in our content that we create is verified.

If you see that on any web site, just know that it is legit. be assured that it is something that we have to do. If you are serious about making money and selling, then you will do it. Do it to keep yourself safe and to keep anyone that can create content with you safe as well. So yeah, that is just one more thing. I was surprised but not surprised that it came about.

Be safe until next time…