Only Fans, are you in or out?

Dear Diary,

That TOS is a kicker. How can I know whether I will be able to keep making money if it can change at any moment? I want stability. I need stability. The tank seems to be losing water.

~ Fish out of water

Only fans has been the bane of many content creators existence for last few weeks now. If you are not aware of the story here is a quick snippet. Only fans was set to ban explicit content come October 2021.

When the announcement was made the adult industry when crazy. They were in a complete and utter uproar. Many content creators saw their livelihood go away right before there eyes with no idea where they would go from there. Others did not bat an eye because they had made it their business not to “put all of their eggs into one basket”. Others were in such shock that they didn’t know if they should stay or pull out.

On the other hand there was a group who decided they were leaving either way. Why? because they are not okay with the fact that OF has the right to change their TOS(terms of service) whenever they want, with or without notice. It was a crazy ride to watch how many were in or out with OF.

I will tell you OF was not ready for the response that they received from their content creators and the audience who glean the services of said creators. They waited for a couple days or so then retracted their prior statement that they decided to put the TOS change on hold. Either way the damage had already been done. The question remained to Only Fans, if they were in or out?

Now I will dive into something that ALL content creators must understand. After further evaluation I do believe what was done by OF was a possible publicity stunt. Despite that being the case, people must understand that any company can change their TOS whenever they want. The problem in a way is not that it can be done. The issue arises that not many people truly read the TOS. If more people read them they would see that most companies say they can change their TOS at their sole discretion. With or without letting the consumer know. So honestly OF only did what they have always said they can do.

People fail to realize that with that in mind they have to be sure to read the terms of service so they truly understand what the company can and will do. If one does not agree to those terms do not sign up.

I totally understand why people decided to get out. It felt way to sneaky the way that OF made the announcement without warning. Then once they saw how people were leaving they “backtracked”. For some people that was enough for them to make the decision to start filling their other baskets with their eggs.

I applaud those who did what needed to be done either way. My heart goes out to those who had to stay because they had no other choice. I petition that all will find their place and continue to live freely.

Until next time….