Ooohh spoil me Daddy!!

Dear Diary,

I just want a Daddy that will spoil me. Aren’t I a good girl? These daddies always tell me they want to spoil me and give me my good girl allowance. Then they want me to be added to their groups, give them my bank info for me to prove they can trust me, or simply disappear when I ask them to prove it to me by giving me my first allowance. What’s wrong with me? Why don’t these daddies want meee!?!?

~Upset Sugar Baby

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this.

I guess I will start by saying there are sites for sugaring. Please do think that the fakes don’t ease their way onto those sites. They do so be careful.

I get so many girls who deal with men/women trying to convince them they are a sugar daddy/momma. Let me tell you this up front, there are REAL sugar daddies/mommas. However, you are not going to find them on these selling sites OR sites such as kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat. Google hangouts etc. YES you can find those who will spoil you but not in the way these fake sugar daddies/mommas pretend they will.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. These men/women want to use you. They want to rip you off. They want to prey on your naivety. They want to be believe you are so desperate that you will do anything to get money.

Please don’t be that person. Don’t allow yourself to fall down a rabbit hole that you can’t climb out of. Yes some days are hard. Some days are really, really hard to be honest. These people know this so they will use it to their advantage if you let them. You are stronger than you think. It takes time. Allow yourself the grace to take the time to learn. Even when you think you have it all figured out, I urge you to keep learning and never stop.

I don’t allow anyone to play with my time. I quickly shut them down letting them know

It’s not a game. I let them know without hesitation that I’m hip to what they are trying to do. They normally will not reply back after that. Trust me there are some who don’t give up. I double dog dare you to stand against these people. Don’t fall prey..

Now I’m going to show you a small sample of the messages I get ALL the time. I was nice enough to remove their names and social handles. None of them were edited…

The lines the sugar daddies try to feed me👀

“Hey buddy I’m seeking for an online arrangement with a sugar baby I can pay weekly allowance in exchange of time and attention Kik me “

“Seeking for trustworthy sugar babies Dm with your cash app tag no delay payment instant payment Dm now on WhatsApp”

“My purpose on here is to get a trust worthy sugar baby”

“Am here looking for a trust worthy sugar baby to get spoiled looking for someone to always have a good and interesting conversation with and pay my sugar baby good dm on kik”

“I’m just here seeking for an honest and trustworthy girl I can make mine and spoil and take care baby. I’m willing to spoil you,all what i need is loving and caring,and to spoil me with some fun,dirty talk,naughty pics.”

“I’m looking for a trustworthy sugarBabe that can make me feel glad all days😊.

“Just wanna have some beautiful pics of yours and always make me feel so special and having a lovely conversation 😊.”

“I will be paying you a weekly allowance”

“Baby, I’m paying you $800 as weekly allowance.”

“Baby, I want you to promise me, you won’t screw me down when I start making your payment, cause Babies are hardly to trust.”

“Are you on Hangouts? I want to get you added into my sugarBaby group chat for you to see how I paid my babies..”

“I’m searching for a honesty sugar baby that will be making me happy every time and am ready to satisfy you with money and every necessary things you need. If interested, you can text me on hangout.”