Organizing your panty orders/sites…

Dear Diary,

I have to get things under control. If I don’t I’m going to lose my shit. I have something in mind. Fingers and toes crossed that it works.

~the maze whisperer

As my business grows I’m continuing to seek out ways to keep things organized. I have developed a system that works for me so I’m going to share it with you all.

First thing that I did to get more organized was to get a planner/notebook and calendar. I use the notebook to keep track of the names of buyers, what they like, there payment name/name on the platforms. By doing this it helps me keep track of who I’m interacting with. It’s also a reminder of their likes etc.

The calendar is for keeping track of orders. I put the name of the person. Their days of wear and how they want their wears to be for that order. I also put in their shipping information whether it’s physical or digital. Along with their platform name. That way when it’s time to ship I simply look on my calendar.

It can be quite confusing keeping track of sites and where the orders came from. I find it to work for me by putting what platform the seller was from. Yes, some buyers follow on all platforms but they may not order from you on all of them. So to be sure that you’re keeping track write down where it was from. That way when it’s time to give reviews you both do it on the one they actually purchased from.

I have found that by keeping the same style on all platforms works best for me. What I mean by style is I post the same products on each platform. For clothing items I give them a number. I keep that same number across each platform. I do this so I know what item has sold and for giving buyers a reference number when contacting me if they are still in the deciding stage of whether they will buy. For videos I don’t number them because on some platforms they are instant download. On others I have to send them myself so there is no need in my opinion to number them. I do have them named in my drive so they are easily found.

So that’s how I do it. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration on how to organize your business a little more.

Until next time….