Package was returned to sender but I used a random address..

Dear Diary,

I’m sitting here looking at the tracking information. It shows that the package was returned to sender. This can’t be life. I used a random address trying to keep my information private.

Oh boy did I screw this up..

~Totally screwed

So you took my advice to keep your return address private. Great!! However, it was done by using a random address. Then low and behold it was returned to sender. Now you’re out of a pair of panties and your buyer did not receive their order.

Girrrrl you know that you totally screwed up. I get it you were trying to keep things private but to use a random address was a big risk. This is NOT what I mean by keeping your address private. As I’ve said you either use your buyers address as your return address OR you get a PO Box in your alias name. You can even get it in another city if you must but please don’t use a random address. You are truly wasting your time and possibly causing your buyers to see you as a scammer because they are not getting their packages.

I would urge you to let the buyer know that the package was returned to sender but somehow you didn’t get it. If they are understanding go ahead and redo their order ASAP. If you can, throw in something special for them for their time.

I behoove you to not do the random address. It’s just not worth the hassle of things not working out. I personally feel that it’s not a good business practice to do so.

So the next time you think “I will just use a random address.” Don’t. There is no need to be setting yourself up for any setbacks. It’s enough work making sure we get things right as it is. There is no need to throw your own wrench into the mix.

Ship those packages out the right way.

Until next time…