Place not to sell your panties on Part 5

Dear Diary,

It is nice getting those instant messages out to everyone. Instagram will have you hyped up then all of a sudden your whole setup is gone!!

~ Insta gone


I’m back to talk to you about the fifth and final place of where not to try to sell your panties.

The fifth place is Instagram. There are plenty who do it just like any of the other platforms that I have mentioned. There have been some ladies who have actually figured out exactly how to do that without being shadow banned, accounts terminated etc. I have seen some very good at posting that I know is not meant for that platform. In either case, more power to them, but that is definitely a place where if you get set up you have to be very strategic about how you do all of that.

I am not saying do it, but I am saying if you decide that you want to go that route anyway you have to be very strategic. There are some ways to be able to offer your your content without violating the rules that are in place at these different platforms. I think that is the biggest thing. You have to be able to find a way to offer what you’re offering without violating the rules.

Sometimes even if you are not offering anything obvious but to have certain pictures or Insta Stories or whatever people will come to you that way. By doing that, you will be able to sort of lean into it becoming sales. Yes, there are plenty of people who there who are selling a multitude of things.

I know I have repeated this more than once. What we offer is not meant to be openly distributed on these platforms. Things are not going work out in the long run. Find a way to be creative to have people come to you. As far as making your whole business set up on this platform, DON’T DO IT!!

Until next time