Places not to sell panties Part 3

Dear Diary,

I am a big fan of Ebay. They have been around for a long time. A lot of people sleep on the money that can be made there. It is quite lucrative . It isn’t for used panties.

~ Keeping my panties away from EBay


Today I am here to talk to you about the third place not to sell your panties.

The third place to not try to get away with selling your panties on is EBay.

As always there may be someone doing it and getting away with it. My same sentiment remains I said concerning the others places not to sell on. Ebay is not meant for that purpose. If your items were brand new and unused for those specific things that we sell then yes, you would be able to do that. We all know that you can find that stuff there all the time, but to try to do it in a way that is not meant for to be done they is going to shut you down as quickly as possible. I know that there are people who will continue to create different accounts, have it up for a little bit and then start all over again.

To me that is too much work! Why go through all of that when we already have places specific for what we do? I could give you the details of how to create these accounts and do things the hard way. My answer is NO. I have not done it nor will I do it for the sake of clout. I want my business to be seen as the legit business that it is, because it is a business. Yes, some of us do this for a hobby. Yes, some of us do it just for the fun. Yes, some of us do it for whatever reasons we have but my business is a legit business.

Instead of trying to bear the system get yourself set up on a panty selling platform. There are places here for you to be able to learn the right way to sell your items you have on hand. Stay away from the traps.

Until next time…