Places not to sell your panties: Part 1

Dear Diary,

People will do anything to beat the system.

~Staying out of Facebook jail


I’m here to talk to you about places not to sell your items on.

I’ve been noticing that there has been a trend of content creators that are telling people to sell on specific sites so that they don’t have to pay the fee to the different websites that are meant for selling the type of content that we sell. Now, one of them is actually a site that you would have to pay on to sell but besides all that, for the most part, the content was to say some these if you don’t want to pay the fee and different things of that matter. Well, I’m going to tell you right now, do not try to sell on Facebook everybody knows that they do have a marketplace for you to be able to sell items on and people are using it as a way to actually sell their used clothing items and things of that nature. That is not the purpose of why you should be using that it is for other things, but of course people always trying to find a way around the system.

If you decide to do that you should be prepared to pay the price if you choose to use Facebook. You better be prepared that they are going to figure it out because of their algorithms and shut you down. They will probably even take a little bit farther than that. So you want to make sure that you are prepared before you go through all of that.

I have found that the Facebook marketplace there is legit. I have sold things there that were NOT related to my actual clothing items. It is meant for doing things outside of what we do as panty sellers. I suggest that go to the legit websites and actually sell on those places instead despite the fee being there.

Don’t get yourself into trouble.

Until next timeā€¦