Places not to sell your panties Part 4

Dear Diary,

I know many people who loves to tweet. I’m not tweeting because I know they will shadow ban me!!

~ Leaving the tweets to the big boysOka


I’m back today to talk to you about the fourth place I would say not to try to sell your items on.

That place is Twitter. Do not go on that there to specifically do selling of panties. Yes, there are plenty of people who get away with it and it is known in most cases they are pretty lenient about it being done. Despite them being lenient that is no the place to try to get on. There are many accounts that are there for selling different types of things.

Once again, we fall into that category where it can be really frowned upon to try to sell what we have on hand on you can see that there are many accounts not only for clothing items, but for pictures videos of you know hands feet, different stuff like that, but that is not what it is there for. You may find that if you set up your account there you will be be going, people will follow people will possibly even buy from you through there. Then all of a sudden you will notice that you’re not getting any engagement or anything.

It is because you have been what they call “shadow banned”. You will not be seen by the people that you want to be seen by because they have figured out what you’re doing. Despite them not completely removing you, they will definitely go ahead and just shadow ban you. So Twitter is definitely not worth it. Don’t do it. Just don’t. Anyone who was telling you to do it is not giving the best advice.

It is not worth the time and energy that goes into what we do to get yourself established just to be shut down. On those type of places you can get established very quickly, because people just love that type of platform. But then you’ve put in all that work, you have set your mind that this is the place where you are going to do it at the most and then all of a sudden, it is gone for no reason. Anyway, that’s the fourth place.

Until next time…