Precautions for when sellers buy from you

Dear Diary,

I know they think they are real slick buying from me trying to make a buck real quick.

~I see you looking at me looking at you looking at



Today I am back to talk to you about precautions when other sellers buy from you.

It may not be known that sometimes other sellers want to buy items from you as a seller.  When they buy, they get to see how you do your orders, how you send your orders, and how you function at a whole when you’re creating orders. When I’m speaking of orders, I’m talking about physical orders, pictures, videos, things of that nature. They get to see what it is that you do, and how you do those things. I would say, be mindful how you do business.
Do what you would normally do as far as orders are concerned because they are a paying customer.

What I have found that happens is sometimes some sellers will want to buy from you to glean information from you of how you do business so that they can go and try to do those same things that that you have done instead of just downright asking you how you do what you do. They would rather act as if they want to buy but they really want is to see what you actually do and how you sell your items.

Now, there has been times where sellers will buy from other sellers.  For example say they will buy their picture drives then they will take these pictures and use them as their own to make money. Not realizing that like hey someone may recognize me doing this because I know that it’s not me and I’m making money off this other person. pictures or videos. Trust me it has happened plenty of times where girls have sold their drives and the person ended up completely trying to take over their identity and their way of selling. I know that I’m sharing information that may seems a bit scary, but you know, I’ve tried to be real with you guys about some of the things that can happen. There is a lot of fun that can be had. You can make a lot of money, but there are some crazy things that can happen as well. So when sellers are buying from you just be cautious. Do not let your mind wander too much. But just try to be conscious of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. In either case, just try to be respectful. Give them what they have paid for and move forward. Keep an eye out for anything that may seem off.  

That is why I think it is important for you to watermark your digital content. I know that people can do things to cover up watermarks. But there are ways for you to keep track of who you sold what to so that if those things come back up, you will know who that person was.  You can keep track of what platform they ordered from. You will be able to tell who that person was.  Either way, just know that it is okay for other sellers to buy from you. It happens a lot and people don’t really care about other sellers buying from them.  It is just a matter of you keeping track and keeping in mind what can happen when you have another seller buying from you. Be very cautious of how you do things so that you can make sure that you can keep your business functioning in a way that is effective.  It will help you to know that even if it is another seller, it is all cool and dandy. Do not put it out there like you guys are just trying to be friends or being overly nice because they are a seller, another. No, at that point they are a customer to you and you should treat them as such.  

Hopefully this will help you navigate seller to seller interactions.  

Until next time…