Pricing your pictures & videos

Dear Diary,

Pictures and videos are a big part of sells. Selling panties is awesome but making those pictures and videos is just as amazing. Who doesn’t like being the star in their own show?

~Strike a pose

It has been stated before than when getting into panty selling the thought is “Oooh I’m going to sell a ton of panties and make that money!!” What is not understood that a lot of sales come from making premade & custom content. The buyers love having videos and pictures made just for them.

When pricing the items once again you will have to take into consideration how much it actually costs you to create that content. However, on average for premade pictures you will start at $2-3 dollars for pictures. For premade videos you can start at a FIRM $3 dollars for premade videos. For custom videos on average it is $5/minute minimum. Yes $5 per minute for custom videos. The price can go as high as you desire but up to $10/minute is very doable. You have to consider what you are being asked to do in said custom videos. $3+ dollars for custom pictures is a good starting point. The price can go higher depending on what they want.

If they desire pictures and videos together it is okay to put them in a bundle for them. Meaning you will do a set price for the pictures and videos that they want. You will do the same thing if they order clothing items and want an extra set of pictures/videos. You are not required to do it that way. It is your choice.

Keep in mind that when you are deciding to create content, calculate the cost. Also remember that if a buyer comes to you asking for content that you don’t do reach out to other sellers. Hopefully you have made connections with others. That way they may be able to do the content for the buyer. Ask the buyer FIRST if they are open to having someone else do the content. Then proceed accordingly.

Now that you have more information on custom content. Go ahead and make that money!!

Until next time…