Proper etiquette on the feed

Dear Diary,

There are times when I want to show off what I am working with.

~ Wanting to be on display


Today I’m back to talk to you about proper etiquette when selling on an actual panty selling platform.

When I’m talking about proper etiquette of when you’re on the feed and interacting is make sure that you are not posting any pictures or whatever that is full nudity. When you post on the feed make sure that it is being done in a way that is covering up the most intimate parts of your body so that everything isn’t being displayed out there.

Yes, sometimes we may show feet or whatever, but those intimate parts, like your breasts or those private areas you want to have those covered with stickers or whatever. When I say covered I don’t mean cover some parts. For example say you have been intimate with the partner and you want to show like the cream. NO!! that is not okay because that is still being display in a way that is not proper. You want the buyer to desire to see what is inside there. If you give away there is nothing to desire per se.

Another thing I will say is proper etiquette is make sure that you’re not arguing on the feed. Be sure that you’re not pushing out your grievances of other sellers or buyers on the feed because the admin will delete your posts or ban you because they see you as a problem. The buyers and other sellers have no desire to engage in that. We want it to be a positive community. Because it is a community of people that that’s coming together with like minded things that we enjoy. So we want to be able to do that in a way that does not include more garbage, more fighting and different things from other people/with each other.

Whatever you do, do it with class because the buyers pay attention to those types of things. If you have any problems reach out to the admin so that they can help you. Stay away from things that causes drama. Things will happen. That is why the admin is there. Reach out. If something isn’t for you, keep scrolling.

Stay focused.

Until next time….