Reaching out to potential panty buyers who visited your profile but didn’t interact with you…

Dear Diary,

Ya never really know what people are thinking when they come to your profile but chooses not to interact. I do my best to never assume. It’s important to me to reach out in a tactful way.

~Hello there, Hey, What’s up? just won’t do


The topic today is something that is full of mixed emotions depending on the side of the coin you are on.

Some sellers swear by making contact with buyers no matter what. Others say “let them come to you”. Then you have the buyers who say “don’t come to me I’ll let you know”. Others will say “bring it on. The more the merrier”. So which method is right? I can’t say which method is right for you. I will say this, be original.

Many of the buyers are getting 100’s of messages a day with sellers wanting them to buy their goods. With that in mind, what sets you apart? Trust me when I say. “Hey, Hello there, What’s up?” is not it. The buyers see this so much I am willing to bet money you are not impressing them with any of those opening statements. Yes some will bite but most of them are over it. How do I know? Because they tell me. Hahaha

I’m going to tell you one of the methods that I use. I check my profile views. I then go to their profile and see who they are. I also determine if I feel it’s worth reaching out or not. One of biggest factors for me to reach out is that they have already viewed my profile. That implies interest. Secondly if they are in my same country I may reach out. It’s even better if they have filled out their profile saying what they desire. If they have something in their profile that I offer I will attempt to reach out. Keep in mind just because they checked out your profile it does not mean they want to buy from you. It can mean that since they looked they may be too shy to approach first. It can also mean that they are simply WINDOW SHOPPING. I know it is something that you may not want to hear but it is true. It is very normal for people to window shop. Each of us do it. The only way you will really know if they are interested is by reaching out. If they have specifically stated on their profile not to reach out. DO NOT REACH OUT.

Whatever you do be mindful of their position as a buyer. There are way more buyers than sellers on most platforms. Try not to feel slighted if you do not get a response. Give it time. Wait a little while then try back some time later if you are still interested in pursuing the connection. If not that is fine too. No matter what DO NOT SPAM THE BUYER WITH MESSAGES. It’s not good for business.

Now it is up to you decide how or if you will reach out to buyers.

Until next time…