Regretting Content

Dear Diary,

I will create content that I am proud of always!!

~ My promise to me


Today I am back to talk to you about regretting content.

When we set out on this journey as a panty seller, we may have in our mind that there are just some things that we’re not going to do. No matter what happens you will not do those things. Then you will find once you get going and the money is good and so forth that you find yourself doing things that you thought you would never do. So you have to set a boundary for yourself. This fine line that you would not cross no matter what. Because when push comes to shove, when you look back on this stuff, you’re going to possibly have some regrets. Wondering, “why in the world did I do that?”

Most times when that happens it is because of the money that we receive from doing the things that we do. It can also be the thrill and excitement from it all. In that moment, it felt right. Then as you go back, and some time has passed you look over the content. As you look at it all you are like “oh my god, why did I do that?” So you have to make sure that whatever you’re doing that you’re actually not going to have any regrets about it.

For me what I do is I try to create content that I can be proud of for the rest of my life, no matter who sees it or what may come up. I have a boundary, a line that I will not cross. I don’t care how much money is offered to me. I don’t care what is said to me. There are certain things that I will not do. There’s no amount of money. There’s no amount of convincing. It is a limit and a boundary for a reason. I would strongly suggest that once you set your limits, you stick to them. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Nor just try to do anything that you possibly can to get more money.

Create content that you can be proud of for the rest of your life. Yes you may be missing out on some money, but you’re not missing out on your integrity and your morals at the end of the day.

Think about that.

Until next time…