Sellers doxing buyers: Part 1

Dear Diary,

If you do the crime you do the time.

~no doxing over here


Today I’m here to talk to you about doxing buyers.

Doxing is when you find out information about someone and you share it privately or publicly to someone who you want to know the information that they are actually buying from you or doing something with you that you know that could possibly cause this person harm.

It is done in a malicious way. It is definitely information given to someone else, publicly or privately in a malicious way. Now this has happened to sellers, but it does happen to buyers as well. Keep in mind that these buyers are sharing their desires with us. They are given us their private information to be able to send off their products and things to them. We have this information. Normally this information is given to us on the understanding that we are not going to cause any problems. The information can be sent where they are giving us, their addresses to work, their addresses to their home, their addresses to a secret PO box or something. So you had this access to the information.

In my experience, I have seen doxing happen when a buyer is not buying as much from a seller that they want them to buy. There was some kind of conflict or whatever and the seller decided okay, well, you messed with me. Okay, I’m going to make sure that whoever needs to know about you will know about you and you will be destroyed plain and simple. It may not be spoken about but know that it happens to the buyers. It’s not just a seller thing. I’m going to tell you right now, it is not worth you getting into any kind of trouble doing this type of thing because they can say, well, this person is trying to blackmail me so they are sending all of these people my information so that I can be able to do whatever it is they want me to do.

Understand this is not a game, this is your business. This is for some of us our livelihood. You have to understand that the buyers are coming to us because in most cases they can’t get what they want from those who they may be with. They come to us expecting a level of respect and a level of privacy. That expectation should not be used against them if and when we get upset…