Selling pictures on feetfinder: what you need to know

Dear Diary,

my feet brings the toys to the yard. Making them drool and scream out loud.

~ miss twinkle toes


Today I’m here to talk to you about Feetfinder.

I’m seeing a consistency in people talking about this site. People are saying that it is easy to go on there and you can sell pictures/videos of your feet or shoes. I want to just let you know that yes, it is a legit site. Yes, there are people there who are making money from selling pictures of their feet and shoes.

Be aware that there are a lot of time wasters there. You can pay to be there for a year. You can pay it and then not have to worry about paying it again. The fee is not that expensive it is $13. You have the option for premium for $30. Be aware there are going to be a lot of people who will be there that are there just to get their fix. They really don’t want to actually pay for the time that it takes for you to do what it is that you do when you’re getting pictures or videos available for them. So make sure that when you’re doing that, that you are not just adding people to your list and then they’re wasting your time because they will add you as a friend. They will allow you to add them as a friend, but they will want you to like send them samples of what they’re getting.

If they do that, then sample pictures or videos need to be paid for in advance before you send that to them. ALL transactions has to be done through the site. You cannot mention going off site to be able to do the transactions or you will get banned from the platform. You have to make sure that whatever you are doing, that you are doing it in a way that it’s not interfering with the terms and conditions of being on the site.

Make sure that first off you are getting everything set up. You pay to be there. You are not wasting time by sending out free pictures/videos and make sure that you’re following the terms and conditions. Be fully aware that there are a lot of time wasters there. There are people who are genuinely into buying so keep that in mind.

Try to do your own research and vet people when they come to you by making sure that they’re not trying to get freebies.

Until next timeā€¦