Selling panties & other items to buyers with partners…

Dear Diary,

I know that some of my buyers have partners. Despite that knowledge I do my best not to blur the lines of what is taking place. Some of them want to give me a sob story of why they are buying but I don’t dare fall into all of that.

I’m not here to manage their relationship. I will be understanding but I’m not going to let anyone have me take their side to the story without having the full picture.

~Letting them deal with their love life

Today let’s dive into selling to buyers with partners.

I can’t even begin to put a number on the amount of buyers who have come to me about their woes at home. That is not always the case but it is the case a lot of the time. They have desires their partners won’t fill or they simply chose not to reveal it to their mate. I know it can be a thing to act as if you don’t know but come on it really isn’t rocket science.

When working with clients with partners it’s important to me to hear/understand what they have to say but I try not to bad talk their mate in any kind of way. I know that relationships can be shitty but I’m no fool to think that the buyers are completely innocent in their interactions with their partners. It’s one thing to chat it’s another thing to try to convince me that their partner is 100% bad.

It’s a fine line of whether to even allow your buyers to talk to you about their partners. Sometimes they do need to vent. Sometimes they are into sneaking behind their partners back. Then there are those who are simply looking for a bit of a spark with no desire to mention their partner. All of these scenarios are valid. I don’t judge. I make it my business to set boundaries with my buyers. What those boundaries are vary from buyer to buyer.

It’s naive to go into this type of work thinking you’re going to get people who are saintly in all of their interactions. Each and every buyer is different. They are all there for different reasons. You have the choice to decide who you will/won’t sell to. Keep in mind there are some buyers out there who will not buy from you if you have a partner either. It goes both ways. I’m not going to tell you how to portray yourself within your business. Some will like the fact that you are single. Others will like the fact that you are taken. It’s up to you to decide what is known.

I can say it’s better to go into this with the mindset that you have limits for yourself. What those limits are is up to you. When you have those limits set for yourself don’t cross them. Leave yourself open for growth but don’t be a person who will do any and everything for a buck. If you chose to do so there isn’t any judgment here.

I would hope this is something that you will think about and implement a plan to move forward. If you already have a plan, I give you a round of applause.

Keep moving forward.

Until next time….