Set the standards for your buyers…

Dear Diary,

Man oh man does these buyers have their eyes on the prize. They have such high standards for what they want. Then they get made when their pocket books can’t make the cut. It’s okay we can make it work but if they get too wild they will get the boot. Hahah

~wilding out

Today we will get into setting standards for those who seek to buy from you.

At some point you will come across a buyer who will test you to see how far they can go with or without having to pay for your services. It seems to be a consensus that most buyers know what they are seeking before they ever make the move to make contact. It seems to be the case even if they plan to contact you knowing they have no intent to buy.

This is where you have to set a standard for what you will not allow from potential buyers. I say their should be standards even if they decide to buy from you. As I’ve mentioned many times before each and every buyer is different. So you have to gauge the situation to be sure that it’s something that you want to work through or not. For myself I find it to be easier to go case by case as far as how some things go.

For example some sellers won’t even allow buyers to have a basic chat without paying them. The mindset is “time is money.” For me I try to get to know my buyers to an extent so that I can better serve them. Now don’t get me wrong if the conversation moves over to more sexual things where they want to get off on conversation I politely let them know my prices. If they want to pay they will. If they don’t, no harm no foul. I don’t let it get to me. It is what it is. You will find that some “buyers”only want to talk about what they like but never purchase from you. Now I’m not saying they never purchase anything at all but they don’t purchase from you specifically. Please don’t get upset. Peep their game and make it your business not to engage in their small talk. Know without a doubt that MANY get off on the conversation alone. You don’t have to allow that if you don’t want.

You may even get some buyers who will follow you from platform to platform just to see are you consistent in your business practices. They will try calling you out for the sake of getting something out of you OR it’s their way of getting to know you. Some of them are truly shy but they will watch you from afar. Try not be upset about it but know that it does happen.

Whatever action you chose to take when it comes to those who interact with you remember that you set the tone. They will continue to do what you allow them to do. There are some who will continue to try even after you set boundaries. I’m grateful there are things in place that one can utilize to break communication if necessary.

Think about it. What standards are you setting?

Until next time…