Setting/Compromising on panty prices..

Dear Diary,

There are times where I know it’s best to give a deal for my buyers.  Other times I know they are trying to haggle me.  It’s one thing to work with a buyer it’s another thing to let them guilt trip me into giving a cheaper price because they don’t want to pay for my time/efforts.

~This is not haggle town

Today we will dive into pricing.

Prices is the thing that all buyers have to set.  You put together your price based on your time, the cost of goods etc.  I urge you to take the time to calculate your true cost for your services.

Say for example you bought a pack of underwear to sell.  You wrap those panties in tissue paper and ribbon.  Plus you added a note and a little treat for your buyer.

The way that you calculate the cost for yourself is to add up how many items is in each pack then divide it by the price you paid.  You do this for each item that you use.  Then add up the total that you get for each item.  That is your cost.

So now that you have your cost you need to decide if you’re charging separate shipping or putting it into the total for the items you’re selling.  I personally add the total of shipping to the price.  I give tracking information to the buyer OR you simply give an update to the buyer of when they can expect their package.  Some don’t like giving the actual tracking information because it tells where it was shipped from. (The city). There is no right or wrong way concerning that but I figured it should be stated.  

When you set a price for your items remember that you are deciding what type of buyer you want to work with.  Just as they get to decide who they want to buy from. You get to decide who you want to sell to.  There’s no difference.  Either way don’t price gouge but don’t undersell yourself either. 

Sometimes you have a set price and don’t budge. Other times you will find that negotiating with your buyer is the best way.  Whatever you do don’t let anyone guilt trip you into selling your goods for dirt cheap just because they can’t afford you.  Write out your prices and save them on your phone etc.  This helps when you are away from home. You will still want to know what your prices are if a buyer asks.  Sometimes they will overlook prices OR check if you will give a different number than what you have posted. Know your prices.  It will save you time.  

As far as “compromising” goes, look at it more as negotiating with your buyers.  Sometimes it’s not that they can’t afford your price but they can’t spend as much money so their partner doesn’t know.  Yes I said they only spend so much so their partner doesn’t know.  I won’t go deep into all of that on this post. Be aware that it does happen.  Either way do your best to gauge the situation. Then go from there.

Go ahead and get busy today setting those prices…

Until next time