Shipping Panties Internationally…

Dear Diary,

I don’t want to miss out on anything when it comes to selling my panties and other clothing items. I have to admit that it’s a hard decision for me to tell those who are international NO I won’t ship to them. It’s not hard because I feel bad for them it’s hard because I know I’m missing out on a sale. You win some you lose some I guess.

~born in the USA

Today let’s talk about shipping to those international buyers.

I will start by saying that you should do what feels right for you. If you can find a way to make international shipping work by all means do it.

I on the other hand do not ship clothing items internationally. I’m fully aware that I’m not taking advantage of making more money but I found that it’s not something that I want to dabble in. One of the reason why I chose not to ship internationally is getting things through customs. The few times that I shipped things internationally I had to be sure that I put everything that was being shipped. You have to be aware of things that are not allowed in certain countries. I don’t have a problem with that it is ultimately I don’t want to deal with customs. It would suck to do all of the work just for it to confiscated. Trust me it happens.

Have no fear. If you decide that you want to ship internationally be sure that you fill out the customs forms. The post office worker should be able to help you get the right forms that you need. When writing what’s inside, write garment and post card/picture. Do NOT put panties or whatever on there. You don’t want to even go there.

As mentioned in a earlier post to maintain your privacy either use a PO Box with your alias on it or simply use the buyers address as the return address. Be sure to get the tracking information. Send it to the buyer so they have an idea of when their package will arrive.

Despite not shipping clothing items internationally, I don’t completely alienate international buyers. If they are interested in more than clothing items I offer them ways to buy my custom content, private content, picture/videos etc. I do this by directing them to the different platforms that I am on. Don’t worry they will let you know if they want to buy anything other than clothing items. If they decide not to buy don’t be upset. Let them know you thank them for their interest and if you start shipping those items internationally you will be sure to let them know. You are taking the risk that you will lose a sale from them completely. There is no harm in trying.

As far as payments for the items that I do sell internationally I still make it my business not to use PAYPAL. As I’ve said before just avoid doing that if you can. Most platforms have a way for you to accept international payments. Utilize it.

I wish you the best in your panty selling business

Until next time…